Recently, I had an idea. It was a fine idea. It was even a good idea. I was excited about the idea and so I made a plan to execute it. I wrote a book. As I began to write the book, the idea grew and changed and it became a better idea. I was pleased. I thought I was done, but then I felt a little nudge from God that I needed to think bigger. I had to create a bigger idea. Then I wrote a second book, and a third book, until I had 12 books. Whew! That seemed like a bigger idea. Not big enough! I tried again and wrote six more books, then I turned the 18 books into a 50,000 word novel. Finished! No! Not Big enough came the nudge again! I wrote a screenplay for the book and then television episodes. The idea just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now it’s so big that I can’t do anything without a lot of prayer and help from amazing artists and musicians and film and tv people. Will you join me in prayer for all the right people to help me explode this idea? I want to get it in front of parents and children everywhere. I want to keep telling God’s stories. Help me think BIG! Thank you and may you be blessed bigtime!